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The Spaghetti List

I like it saucy

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This is my journal.

Well I guess I'll update this it's been a while. The last time I was here I was 23, I'm 24 now. It's been a whole year. I'm still in school, still working toward a General Business Degree, minor in Psychology. There really isn't much to me. I just recently started posting here again. I got away from it for a while, because I was in a relationship, worked full time, and did school 3-quarters of full time. I still work full time, still in school 3-quarters of full time and newly single. I am adjusting to that nicely, well you can be the judge of that. I post quite frequently about that stuff, you just have to be a friend to read it. If you are interested let me know I'll add you. Other stuff I write about is my job and that definitely is private, just because you NEVER know who's going to read this thing. For what little I make public, I hope you enjoy, what you can read as a friend I know that stuff is better! So may your reading adventure begin with this dork. lol.

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