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Mar. 29th, 2009

Your mom
It's so horrible to get to a date that was promised many joys and then it's nothing. At least it wasn't forgotten.

So I can't spell

No so much that I cared about spelling before, because I really still don't. I was messing around with my journal, and I realized some asshole decided to add me to his page because I couldn't spell. I can spell, some times,  I guess I just didn't care enough to use spell check. lol Go check his page out.

This is so true, what I look for...

Your mom

Kindness is most important in a boyfriend/girlfriend. You want someone who will go through everything with you - the best moments and the worst, and all of those other moments in between. You love to be able to say anything to your partner, and have them say anything to you. You are able to be extremely close with your partner for that reason.

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I love My Shmikey!!

So I went over to Matt and Mike's house to give Mike his cd he asked me to burn and I ended up taking shots!! It's too bad we went to liquor store to get a bottle because the one we had the other night was WAY COLDER!! But none the less I just have to say I love my Schmike! hahahaha!!

Well I'm off to Neverland I have a 13 hour shift a head of me. :( but now I'm good to go since I have a few shots in me... well 6 to be exact!! :o)

By the way I met Matt's Stripper... U-G-L-Y B-I-T-C-H right there!! OH HELL NO WE NEED TO TALK!! She is not cute at all. big fat face, HUGE eye brows, and her ass crack we hanging out the whole time I was there. But really she doesn't know who I am because when I came in the house I didn't even introduce myself... bitchy yes I know but he could do way better. she's fucking ugly!! WHATEVER Shmike and I will fix his problem. lol

Writer's Block: Repeat After Me...

Your mom
How have people pronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?
Well my name is pretty common. It's Michelle McManus. The last name is what really gets butchered I get everything from MacManus. McKinnis, Mac a Manus. It's supposed to sound like it's spelled.... Mc Man us that's it simple as pie.

Writer's Block: One Day to Live

Your mom
What would you do if you had one day left to live?
Everyone says that they would spend time with their families and all that crap! Me on the other hand I'd send out an email. Call all the people I loved.... REALLY FUCKIN EARLY IN THE DAY SO I COULD LIVE MY LAST DAY TO THE FULLEST!! Since I've already sky dived and para sailed, I would look into bungee jumping and probably get drunk at my cook out I'd throw. Tie up all my loose ends like paying my bills off and leaving the rest of my saving to either my family or something else.

ugh memories.

I was giving Sarah a break today when the work phone rang and at that instant I thought of Brian and his prank calls. I wanted him to be there on the other end but I knew he wouldn't be there.

I think I thought of him right then because when I'd give breaks to Sarah, or someone else, one of the girls would come up for something and go sit back down at the booth behind the cashier station. Oddly enough, that's what Sarah did right before the phone rang, and it was funny to me because Brian would usually use someone's cell phone to make a prank phone call. I just miss him I guess. Something every day gets me thinking about him. At least 2 times a week, something makes me laugh or almost come to tears.


Your mom
So this really has been bothering me for the last couple of days.  I really am missing Brian these days. I know it hasn't even been a month since he has died but I really miss him. I feel so guilty about not calling sooner than i did. I just wish I would have went with my gut and called on Monday when I knew something was wrong. I waited until thursday to call. It was almost to late and then it turned to be too late. If I or someone else would have called earlier then I strongly believe he'd still be joking and cutting the fool with me at work. I miss him so much and I never realized how much I depended on him to make me laugh. It's really stupid but it's true I miss him being my go to guy for whatever I needed to be done. I could trust him to get it done right. I just miss him and I can't sleep I wish I could because I have to work early and all day. I can't fall asleep. I just wish that if I fell asleep he would come to me in my dreams and talk to me about everything. I told him in the hospital before he died that I was sorry but I get him out of my head I can't write him off the way so many have and I really can't let go right now. He always told me he had 2 ears if I wanted to talk and that he would never tell. I wish I would have gotten to know him better, but I really wasn't looking for "new" friends. Brian was "just" a co-worker whom I had a lot of laughs with... kind sounds like a friendship started. I look back knowing I could have done things different, knowing I didn't and time makes all the difference. I can only learn from the mistakes I make and the tears that will follow if I wait like that again. I can't change the past although I know one day if I ever get that chance He'd be the one thing I'd try to help... Back to the Future.  ;) I know retarted but I can't help but dream big in that way. I need to get some fucking sleep now. Hopefully I will. We will see.


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